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Weekly Videos

Every week this month, you will gain access to a new video presented by one of our featured experts. We will share the secrets you need to know to understand your spouse better. 

Follow Along worksheets

We provide worksheets for each video, so it’s super easy to follow along as you take the marriage course.

Action Steps

You will receive clear instructions on the next steps you need to take. You’ll know exactly what to do, be able to implement what you learned right away, and see real change. 

A healthy marriage is one of the most valuable things you can invest in.

A healthy marriage is one of the most valuable things you can invest in. And when we talk about a “healthy” marriage, we’re not just talking about happy couples. Healthy marriages are full of love and laughter, but they also face difficult times together — times that often test their commitment to each other. But these moments are exactly what builds lasting relationships and make them stronger than ever before!

Happy, Healthy Marriage

A four-week course that's all about you and your spouse - designed to bring you closer together.

Building a foundation

We'll help you discover what makes a happy marriage last by looking at communication styles, financial management and more.

Discovering each other

You'll learn how to get back in touch with what you love about your partner, identify the key areas of marriage success and focus on yourselves as individuals.

Working it out

You will take away new skills for better managing conflict or just having fun together again.

Helping couples thrive.

Genius Relationships is a popular and trusted marriage course that has helped couples worldwide to achieve their dreams for a healthy, fulfilling relationship.

Nicola Beer

Nicola Beer is a world-leading authority on saving marriages and helping people maintain close, passionate, and fulfilling relationships. She is also a dance therapist as well as a stress and anxiety management coach. Additionally, Nicola is an international best-selling author of four books. She is also famous for her two podcast shows: “Save Your Marriage” and “Emotions and Eating.”

Janet and Steve Hall

For the better part of forty years, through triumph and tragedy, success and failure, Janet and Steve Hall’s relationship continues to flourish, while others have failed. Together, Janet and Steve have authored the book “15 Rules.” In sharing their experiences and lessons, they hope you will find your own loving, lasting, and satisfying relationship.

Tawny Sanabria

Tawny Sanabria is a licensed marriage and family therapist, a certified human potential coach, and a psychological fitness specialist. She has a passion for supporting individuals and couples to mindfully attune and connect with themselves and each other, allowing for engaging with reality in ways that matter most.

Sanaya Bari

Sanya Bari, MEd, LPC, NCC, is a therapist and a coach. She has 2 master’s degrees in counseling psychology. She is a Licenced Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor, Certified Trauma Specialist, and Certified Discernment Counselor. She is also a Certified Accelerated Resolution Therapist.

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4 weekly videos from experts giving their best tips and tools.

Worksheets for each video so it's super easy follow along.

Next steps so you'll know exactly what to do, be able to
implement it right away and see real change.

Bonus Welcome Video to get you started.

Bonus Life Tools to improve all areas of your life.

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This course is for people who are in a non-abusive relationship and want to improve it. If you are in an abusive relationship or don't feel safe in your relationship, seek professional help immediately.